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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recording and stuffs

Hello there. Haven't updated this blog in a while, lots to talk about!!

The New Record! Ben and Trevor both finished up tracking drums and bass last month. The "rhythm section" really threw down some bumpin' tracks. I dare you to not tap your feet when you hear it! As I write this, Greg and Adam are dialing in some jangly sweet guitar tones, about to start guitar tracking. We're moving along quite nicely!

Shows! We've got em! DC, Philly, MD, and Bmore, plus more in the works. Been helping out lots of new friends on the road, check them out ---- Via Lotus from Ohio, The Great Socio from Philly, and Sound and Shape from Nashville are just a few. Great stuff, can't wait to party with them!

For more frequent updates, stay tuned to facebook.com/thenewmediaband, as we are on there much more often than here.

I'll leave you with a deep thought that I've been pondering lately...

"If she was a house, would you live there?"

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